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Solid metal parts that are made from powdered metal via powder metallurgy are strong equipment components used in almost every industry. They are utilized in a variety of industrial applications in the automotive, hardware, electronic, computer and lawn and garden industries.

Powder metal parts are found in automobile components, structural parts, filtration systems and magnetic assemblies. Powdered metal gears are particularly well-suited to the sintering process, as the inherent porosity of powder metal parts naturally dampens sound. Bushings and bearings are also simple to produce through this process, though their tight tolerances usually require a secondary sizing operation. Metal powder parts are a popular choice for parts with magnetic properties, as the soft magnetic material is usually difficult to form, limiting the choice of shapes. However, powder metal can be easily formed in a wide variety of shapes, and its magnetic properties are enhanced in the proper sintering atmosphere. Powdered metal parts are produced through 2 different processes-sintering and metal injection molding. Sintered metal parts, including sintered bronze parts and sintered steel parts, are made by heating metal powder below its melting point then and formed into shapes. Metal injection molding adds polymers or wax through resin impregnation to powdered metal, heats them both up until pliable, where they are then formed in a mold. Both of these processes are often used to produce aluminum powder parts, copper powder parts or iron powder parts.

Some Leading Manufacturers

TPI Powder Metallurgy, Inc.

St. Charles, MI | 989-865-9921

TPI Powder Metallurgy is a world class manufacturer of powder metal parts. We use the latest powder metallurgy technology to produce metal parts and components to your specifications. We are dedicated to providing a high level of quality and reliable service to our customers. We have in-house production and precision machining services along with many secondary operations. For more information about our powdered metal parts, call us today or visit our website!

Perry Tool & Research, Inc.

Hayward, CA | 510-782-9226

Perry Tool & Research has been on the leading edge of powdered metal technology for more than 50 years. We specialize in the design and manufacture of precision powder metal parts, including gears, pulleys, fasteners, sprockets, cams, bearings, and many other complex and close tolerance mechanical parts. With our experience and diverse capabilities, we are a versatile company able to meet all the needs of our customers. Please call or visit us online!

AMES Reese, Inc.

Bird-in-Hand, PA | 717-393-1591

We are a major manufacturer and supplier of custom powdered metal parts! With our capabilities we can manufacture a broad range of powder metal parts, including mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, gears, soft magnetic parts, stainless steel parts, filters, and self-lubricating bushings. For more than 60 years, we have been working with our customers to provide them the powdered metal parts they need, so take advantage of our expertise and call us today!

Ridgway Powdered Metals Inc.

Ridgway, PA | 814-772-5551

Turn to Ridgway Powdered Metals for top of the line powder metal parts and products. Our experts are well-versed in our industry, and we are eager to supply you with a solution that meets your exact specifications and requirements. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, you can be confident that we will provide you with the perfect powder metal parts for your applications. Please visit us online or give us a call to learn more!

Micro Metals, Inc.

Jamestown, TN | 931-879-9946

As an experienced and dedicated manufacturer and supplier of powdered metal parts, we make quality our highest priority! We utilize more than 35 years of powder metallurgy experience to deliver innovative, highly engineered powder metal solutions. We have served as a pioneer in the development of materials and processes to advance powder metallurgy, so trust us to deliver only the very best solutions to your applications and specifications.

Sterling Sintered Technologies, Inc.

Winsted, CT | 860-379-2753

Sterling Sintered Technologies is a full service manufacturer of quality powder metal components. As an industry leader since 1955, we have continued to offer our expertise in design, engineering, and production to deliver high quality, precision powder metal parts to our customers’ specifications. We will help you develop an exceptional solution for your applications, maintaining close tolerances and producing a superior surface finish all while minimizing manufacturing costs!

Metal is formed and fabricated from powder to a finished part through a process called powder metallurgy. Metal powders are the main raw material, which is processed into powder form by pulverization, chemical reduction, electrolytic techniques, mechanical alloying, or most commonly, atomization. The resulting powder is then impregnated with a lubricant, which is added to the metal to reduce friction between the powder and the pressing dies. Next, the raw material undergoes a forming process, where it is pressed, forged or molded. A major final step in powder metallurgy is sintering, a high temperature process that develops the final properties of the metal part. The compacted raw materials, called green parts, are heated in a furnace at temperatures below their melting point to bond the particles together without changing part’s shape. The sintering process also increases part strength and controls the porosity of the part. Secondary operations are not usually required, but parts may still need to be heated, sized, deburred or machined. Although the finished parts look solid, they actually consist of small interconnected capillaries, which cause the parts to be approximately 25% porous. They are sealed through steam treatment, infiltrated with a metal that has a lower melting point, or oil or plastic resin impregnation, which provides the best seal.

Sintered metal products have many benefits over parts produced through other methods. The process results in little waste, as approximately 97% of the materials are used during the procedures. Sintered products are not shape sensitive either. Powder metal part manufacturers create parts close to tolerances, often eliminating the need for secondary operations. Therefore, powder metallurgy is often the technique of choice for the production of intricate parts requiring bends, projections and depressions. A wide variety of shapes and designs can be sintered out of an almost infinite choice of alloys, composites and associated properties. Powder metal parts have controlled porosity for self-lubrication and for gas or liquid filtration.

A powder metallurgy process called metal injection molding is sometimes used to produce smaller, more complex, high density and high performance metal parts. It combines the technologies of plastic injection molding and powder metallurgy to produce parts used in the automotive, medical and dental, firearms, hardware, computer, and electronics industries. It offers more design freedom, more complex detailing, reduced assembly costs, reduced waste and denser, stronger, more corrosion resistant and magnetic products. However, only smaller, thinner parts are produced this way, and tooling costs are higher than regular powder metallurgy. There are a few main differences in metal injection molding. During the initial mixing process, the metal powder is mixed with thermoplastics in addition to lubricants. The parts are only formed through molding, which uses standard plastic injection molding machines. The thermoplastics are then removed, or debindled from the parts by thermal or chemical means through an open pore network. The parts are then sintered and put through any necessary secondary operations.

Many different metals, including aluminum, copper, brass, iron, steel and bronze, are able to convert to powdered form and undergo a type of powder metallurgy to produce parts and products. Aluminum is a popular metal to use because of its light weight, conductivity and high flammability. It’s often used in pyrotechnics and high strength structural applications. Copper parts exhibit good electrical and thermal conductivity, and are used in heat sink and electrical contractor applications. Iron powder is used to make structural parts, filters and bearings. It also contains graphite additive. Steel, often stainless steel or tool steel powders, are high strength and used in automobile weight reduction. Finally, bronze powder parts are used to produce self-lubricating bearings. It is a denser metal with a higher mechanical performance than brass.

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