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Powder metal parts utilize powdered metal compounds rather than sheet metal or molten metal to create products for specific manufacturing settings. Aluminum powder parts have risen in popularity in the last 20 or so years because they are so economical. The characteristics of aluminum powder parts do not vary from the characteristics of molten and molded aluminum parts or sheet metal parts that have been cut and formed into products. They are just as strong, lightweight and durable, with the additional advantage of having an inexpensive and environmentally friendly manufacturing procedure. The basic process involves dies that can be simple or highly complex being filled with powdered aluminum and then exposed to incredible pressure, which combined with heat or sintering creates a solid part within the die that can be extracted looking like a fully finished item. This is the other major benefit of using aluminum powder for parts; the final look is polished and shimmering without requiring any secondary processes. This shimmer is also why aluminum powder it used in the cosmetic industry for a variety of make-ups and deodorants.

The cosmetics industry is one that has thrived in our modern society, which is obsessed with personal hygiene as well as personal appearance being flawless. Aluminum powder is beloved in the cosmetics industry because it functions as a thickening agent and a pigmenting ingredient. It is a nontoxic element, which means it is safe to spread (in small amounts) on the human body, and is also beneficial for a number of industrial manufacturing facilities utilizing it for various products and parts that need to be sanitary. Aluminum powder contains salt, which is why deodorant manufacturers purchase and utilize it. Aluminum salt is the active ingredient in antiperspirants that blocks the sweat glands under arms and stifles the dampness produced by the human body. It is the only FDA approved ingredient that controls sweat, which means aluminum powder is vital to this particular cosmetic industry.

Another popular venue for aluminum powder within the cosmetic industry is shimmering facial powder, which can be used for the eyes exclusively or spread widely for an all-over glow. It is also helpful in compacting the powdered make-up into solid pallets, which makes packaging and shipping a much easier task. Because it is FDA approved, aluminum powder is the only ingredient that can create the appearance of shimmer that is prized by make-up artists and everyday consumers. Without it, the cosmetic industry would be producing much duller make-up options, and our human scent would be considerably stronger and more humanly distinct. The fact that aluminum powder has a place in the cosmetics industry is pretty astounding, since one would assume that metallic elements would only be useful in industrial markets. However, aluminum powder is a perfect example of how innovation in the blending of elements in surprising settings has led to making our world a sweeter smelling and prettier place.

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